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Early Life

The Johns Family are a long line of orchardists and farmers, first bought Yering Farm in 1980. Originally impressed with the land and its fertility and in keeping with 5 generations of knowledge and history, an orchard was planted




Humble beginnings and long days meant that Alan earned his trade digging, planting, picking and selling fruit learning the techniques and gaining the knowledge it takes to run an orchard business alongside his father and brother. This training may have seemed trivial at the time but is pivotal in understanding the ethos of Alan Johns and the beginning of Yering Farm Wines

Winemaker Alan Johns plowing paddock for Vineyard

the trip

Born from the remnants of ‘Yeringa’ and a hangover from a sabbatical in a van on a European summer that lasted three more than planned.


Alan Johns, winemaker and founder was idly driving his camper around the countryside inspired by what he was seeing and drinking.

Then returned to the farm saying 'Hear me out, I have an idea!'


Yering Farm Wines was officially established with the planting of the first vine in 1989. However the first vineyard on this site was ‘Yeringa Vineyards’ settled by the Deschamps family in the 1800’s. They were an important founding French/Swiss family of vignerons who established substantial cellars and succeeded as viticulturists and winemakers in the Yarra Valley. As most of the Yarra Valley began to be turned back to pasture and mixed farming in the early 1900s its name became buried in history. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that vineyards began to emerge again in the valley.

For Alan Johns, it was clear from the beginning that he wanted to incorporate the past and the lands rich history. Merging both historic and modern perspectives to inject new life into the resurgence of the Yarra Valley and its footprint in the Wine World.

Cellar Door circa 2000's
Yering Farm Vineyard Block Two

cutting teeth

Taking cuttings from Cabernet vines that were sourced from the clone acclaimed from the property's forefather, Joseph Deschamps.  Alan grew all the cuttings by hand using his years of orcharding to cultivate a nursery before slowly planning and planting out the vineyard

Varieties such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.


This led Yering Farm to grow and produce small parcels of fruit to a 30-acre vineyard. A shed with a few tanks and a lot more apples, to be able to produce not only his own wine but others as well. Turning an old hay shed on a paddock on the property to a Rustic cellar door for the public to enjoy.

budbursting onto stage

It didn't take long for Yering Farm Wines to inaugurate themselves into one of Yarra Valleys finest and a respected name among the Australian Wine scene.


Integrating both new and old world wine making philosophies, innovations and wine styles. Alan Johns has picked up numerous awards and excellent reviews with his playful yet succinct and refined approach.

Winemaker Alan Johns

present day

To drink Yering Farm Wines today you will find an unwavering consistency. Forged through the trials and tribulations of dedicating a lifetime to the art of farming and viticulture to compose that vintage drop with the upmost respect. 

Our orchard now bears the fruit for our Farmyard Cider. Blending both practices, sharing the knowledge and techniques of wine making and farming to produce a unique Cider from our Pears and Apples.


In the vineyard we are seeing the results of vines under age and different trellising systems


You will find many sheep wandering and grazing under vine and tree throughout our property.


We have also turned one of our farmsteads into a farm stay so its not only us who can enjoy the beauty of the farm.

Yering Farm Orchard

the future

As we age as and grow as a family

So does the farm and its practices.

We are currently growing and planting new blocks in our vineyard.

We use our knowledge of the many years of working with the land using old and new practices, experimenting with systems in which we believe will greatly benefit our vineyard, grapes and wine.

Our newest Pinot Noir block being a metre by metre high density planting.

It is a very exiting time for the future at Yering Farm Wines.

We cannot wait to show you what we have been working on.

Yering Farm High Density Vineyard in Autumn

 As Yering Farm Wines has grown, our outlook and credence on farming and fine wines and the intervention taken to make them is the same. Sustainable ethics, small batches, high quality fruit, hard work and passion.

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